How to Have a threesome

Workshop w/ Luna Matatas: Feb. 17, 6:00-8:30pm

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welcome to kink toronto

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Welcome to Kink Toronto!

We’re a brand spankin’ new boutique (get it? spankin’) with a special focus on artisanal BDSM gear and premium sex toys. There are so many incredibly talented artisans all across Canada making fantastic stuff, and we’re making it our mission to find the best of the best, to obsess over every item we sell, and to provide the kink community with amazing toys at reasonable prices. We want to make BDSM accessible, light, and fun for everybody, whether you're just dipping your toe in the water or you're a seasoned pro.

We take pride in education, and as such we host experts from time to time to teach workshops on topics spanning the kink & sexuality spectrum, on body positivity, sex positivity, inclusivity, and much more.

We just want you to feel empowered about your fucking ~ Whatever form that takes!



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Sun, 12pm-5:00pm