Dagger Paddle by Viktoria Torments

These wood paddles are quintessentially perfect as spanking tools: light and easy to yield and just the right width for precision striking. Shaped like dagger blades, this wood paddle is relatively thin - at 3/8"- and allows for a good sting at impact and create wonderful noises - both on the skin and as reactions ! The handle is wrapped with a heavy cowhide strip, which is very comfortable for the sensation giver. 

The Dagger Blade Paddle comes in 4 varieties of wood. The different colours of wood varieties are certainly very attractive and I am sure you already have a favourite ! (Mine is purple heart ) But please note that the wood density of these various wood essences affects the spanking sensation for the receiver. While all paddles are essentially stingy, a lighter wood density would increase the perception of sting while a denser wood - given that there is more mass at impact - would feel somewhat thuddier. 

In this selection, Cherry (light beige) is about half the weight of Bloodwood (red), with Purpleheart (purple) and Wenge (dark brown) and between both extremes. So please, go ahead and pick your favourite colour (and desired sensation) !