Moose Flogger by Viktoria Torments

Oh My - Thud Lovers Beware!  Moose hide is the purest thud sensation available in a flogger.  

The hides used to make this beauty weigh 5 to 6 oz, meaning that these is enough mass in each fall to give a good smack. Yet this leather is incredibly soft to the touch. It feels very luxurious. At impact, it feels thuddy without any hint of sting. When maneuvered softly, it can procure a medium range sensation and shivers of anticipation. Yet increase the force or speed of flogging, and it packs quite a punch. A must-have for anyone who loves thud and always wants more! 

This flogger is available in Black. We offer 2 sizes differentiated only by the width of their falls. Both versions are designed with our signature turned handle, which is weighted for ease of motion and finished with a Turkish knot at its base, and a hanging loop at its end. 

The lighter model has 33 falls ½” in width and 18” in length. It delivers a delicious thud at impact that you will rarely find in other materials. 

Our Mop version is simply the Ultimate Thud Toy! It has 33 falls of 5/8” in width and 18” in length. It is heavy and spreads wide. If you want the ‘Thuddest of them all’, this is the One for you! And once you try it, you will never part with it!