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Mighty Spanking Horse by Viktoria Torments
Mighty Spanking Horse by Viktoria Torments

Mighty Spanking Horse by Viktoria Torments

This spanking horse is Mighty! Comfortable yet strong, adjustable and transportable - It's a fantastic addition to any play space. 

First of all, its comfort is amazing and allows the bottom to focus on the sensations experienced in the scene (as opposed to the lack of ergonomics of the furniture!). As such, playing on this horse is bound to enhance the connection experienced in play. Both the main body of the horse and the knee/elbow pads are made with high-quality 2" high-density foam that will stand the test of time. Both are covered with high quality marine vinyl that easily sanitizes with wipes. 

The style itself is reminiscent of a gymnastic pommel horse. As such, the width of the main body at the top is about 10", and the width at the bottom is about 13". Its overall length is 33". I use baltic birch plywood and maple for the wood portions of the Mighty Horse - both very solid and of the highest quality.

Overall, it takes about 7-10 minutes to assemble or take apart - using the bolts, eyebolts and butterfly nuts provided. It has 4 height settings, leading the horse to be adjustable from 29" to 35" high. The fifth setting is at an angle! The knee and elbow pads also adjust - both vertically and horizontally - and I do believe that you can find the perfect setting for the length of your bottom's arms and legs. It also comes with 4 leather straps to secure ankles and wrists to the elbow/knee pads. 

The standard horse is black and arrives in a storage bag. The design of this horse allows for the legs to fit inside the main body when not in use, so it can be transported and/or stored out-of-sight quite easily! The horse has a total size 14" by 14" by 33", and weighs about 35 pounds.