Leather Beaten - English Cock Cage, Rubber

For those not familiar with it, the English Cock Cage consists of two O rings (firm but flexible neoprene rubber, in this case) connected by leather straps, top and bottom. We have added snaps on ours, giving you the options of changing the forward O ring and of not using the lower ball separator strap, So, using the well known meat and two veg metaphor, this is how it goes on.

Introduce the Brussels sprouts, one at a time, through the larger ring. Once they are clear, send the mighty knackwurst through after them. The key to using the English Cock Cage is to put it on soft. Otherwise, you may have many happy hours trying to make it work, but it ain't gonna. Where were we? Ah, yes, the mighty bratwurst follows the Brussels sprouts through the larger ring, then overtakes them and pushes its way through the smaller ring. AT THE SAME TIME, if you are using the lower, sprout separator strap, tenderly tease them to either side of it. You may find it easier to leave the strap open, and to snap it closed afterwards.

NOT ONLY does it give you granitic erections, BUT it sensitises the member, charging the nervous system with warm shudders, PLUS it delays ejaculation, AND it can be worn during penetrative sex. How many more reasons do you need to become more familiar with this toy?