Leather Beaten - Josephine

Who remembers the old style heavy rattan carpet beaters in that vaguely Celtic knot shape? None of you, you're all too young, but we remember, try as we might to forget. Every Tuesday, Mother used to drag the rug out into the back lane, throw it over a clothesline and beat the living dust and fibre out of it. As often as not, a small, slow moving child would be unwittingly trapped beneath it.

This is our heartfelt homage to that homely device. Why Josephine? Because that's how the knot is known in polite seafaring circles, if such things exist.

This particular incarnation of Josephine consists of two parallel twists of 5mm round leather, forming the head, and the handle is made with an attractive French grapevine braid that is guaranteed to elicit "ooh la la"s of appreciation from your more sophisticated friends.


Diameter of face: 2.5""
Overall length about 10"


This time, the deep, swirly Celtic markings are left by three passes of firm 5mm round leather lace, increasing the face width from 2.5" to around 4.5", and the overall length to around 12".