Bamboo Root (Wangi) Cane

Wangi is the root material from the Bamboo plant. It is very flexible and durable.

This cane is 36" in length and about 1/2" in width.

Those on the receiving end of this cane comment that the variations in width caused by the nodules creates a very interesting and complex sensation.

Those on the giving end of this cane love the flexibility and feel that returns to the handle on every stroke.

Each cane features 6 inches of our "Red Butt" handle for a non-slip, comfortable grip, even after hours of play.

Finished with two coats of Tung oil for that perfect finish.

All measurements are approximate. Wangi is a natural product, no two are the same. Natural products are never perfectly straight, each one is different and have an amazing variation in colours along it's length.