Beginner 1/4" Cowhide Flogger - 13" or 18" by Viktoria Torments

Made from genuine cowhide and sourced from a local First Nations supplier, these floggers are made with great quality at a small price. The leather is 5-oz in thickness; enough weight for a good bite! (But not a bruise) The 25-ish leather falls are 1/4" wide - and offer a stingy sensation - but are not overly intense. 

The leather falls are mounted on a 1 1/4" diameter hexagonal handle, and finished with a turkish knot. There are two lengths to choose from: 13" or 18 ". The shorter length is ideal for play in the bed or on the most sensitive body parts, while the longer length is ideal for use on a spanking bench or a cross - or anyplace you have enough room to swing at will.