Cowhide Mop Flogger by Viktoria Torments - 5/8" Falls

Cow hide is the most common type of leather used in floggers. That being said, there is important variability in sensations based on how the hides are tanned and treated.

This specific cow hide is a 5oz leather that is relative stiff to the touch, yet somewhat spongy due to its thickness. The resulting impact is a thud sensation that masochists yearn for! This gives a medium-to-harsh impact depending on the strength of motion. People looking for a thuddy flogger can't go wrong with one of these. Used with enough force, this hide can rupture the skin creating a fluid bond with its user.  

All of these floggers are made from black hide, sourced from a local First Nation supplier.

There are two styles available. This is the heavier Cowhide Mop Flogger; see the regular Mop Flogger with 1/2" falls here:

- The Mop style is for those looking for the biggest punch! Crafted with 33-ish falls, each fall is 5/8" wide and 18" long. Mounted on a turned handle and finished with a turkish knot and braided hanging loop, its weight is significantly greater due to the wider leather falls and the counterweights hidden in the handle. Very thuddy, and will be loved for it!