Deer-Tan Hex Flogger by Viktoria Torments

If you are not a bonafide masochist, but still enjoy the mindset and cathartic "massage" offered by a flogging, this is the flogger for you! 

This cowhide is about 3oz in thickness - which puts it on the lighter-end of the weight spectrum. As cowhide is denser than wild deer hide, it provides a soft-to-medium thud at impact. Nonetheless, this hide is very soft to the touch; and gives a great sensation if you enjoy mixing leather caresses with your flogging. Because of its tanning method, this leather feels more like deer or elk than cowhide. 

This smaller flogger has 25 falls - of 1/2" in width and 18" in length - mounted on an hexagonal handle of about 1 1/4" in diameter. 

Part of the Sensations Series, it allows you to explore your sensations at a value-conscious price.