Leather Beaten - Glow

All Glows share certain characteristics. For example, they are all constructed of a single piece of material. This is what makes them so robust and durable; the lash extends all the way up the handle. They all have corset stitched handles. Glow lashes are always 18" long by 1/2" wide; lash numbers vary depending on material. Finally, all Glows, no matter what they're made from, move smoothly, and are light and fluid in the hand.

For the Suede Glow, we use a substantial but soft 3oz garment suede, which is great either for a little sensual play all by itself, or as an appetising introduction to a more complex menu of play. Suede's versatility comes from its slightly rough finish, permitting sensations from the warm and fuzzy, literally, to hot and abrasive, again, literally. This is a solid, well made piece that will earn a place in any toybag.