Glow Flogger in Elkhide

Introducing the Glow, a great budget-minded flogger that's still uses top quality leathers - the same leathers in Leatherbeaten's premium lineup. If you want to experiment with all the delicious range of sensations that leather floggers can provide, without breaking the bank account, you can't go wrong with the Glow.

All Glows are constructed of a single piece of leather. This is what makes them so robust and durable; the lash extends all the way up the handle. They all have corset stitched handles, as well as plain pommel knobs.

Glow lashes are 18" long by 1/2" wide; lash numbers vary depending on material. Finally, all Glows, no matter what they're made from, move smoothly, and are light and fluid in the hand.

Elk Glow s made from Elkhide! A beautiful 4 - 4.5 oz leather that never fails to elicit ooh la las of pleasure from everyone who handles it. Elk is heavy, about twice as heavy as deer, just as soft, and even more utterly luscious. There's no edge, no sting, just a great thuddy thudding of thud, like essence of distilled thuddiness. Am I succeeding in painting a picture here? Hint - the words "delicious", "gorgeous", "sumptuous", "luxurious" "decadent" and "divine" all definitely apply.