L'Amour-Propre - Purple Suede O-Ring Day Collar

L'Amour-Propre - Purple Suede O-Ring Day Collar

Note: This product features an O ring as opposed to the heart ring shown in the photos.

L'Amour Propre's collars are made to fit comfortably to be able to be worn all day. They round out hard edges so that there is nothing that should scratch or cause discomfort.

Collars are 3/4 of an inch thick with 5oz suede. Every collar is made to order. 

S/M: 12 1/4 - 14 3/4 inches
M/L: 14 3/4 - 17 1/4 inches

Before purchasing, please take a look at the sizing chart image. Each standard size collar is made with the same measurements. To help make sure that you are purchasing the correct size, please measure the circumference of your neck, then add a 1/4 to 1/2 inch to find the ideal fit.