Priape Riding Half Harness

The inspiration for Chez Priape's "Riding" Half-Harness is theξdesign ofξhorse bridles.ξHand-made with high quality top-grain leather in Priape's workshop in Montreal, this harness adjusts with two snaps in the front.ξ

So don't hold your horses, and join the race for this Riding Half-Harness!

Sizing Chartξ


Fits around chestŒæ39äó»äó» toŒæ42äó»äó»ŒæŒæ(99-107 cm)
Fits around shoulderŒæ21äó»äó» toŒæ25äó»äó»Œæ(53 cm-64 cm)


Fits around chest 42äó»äó» toŒæ45äó»äó» (107-114 cm)
Fits around shoulderŒæ22äó»äó» toŒæ26äó»äó»Œæ(56-66 cm)