Sportsheets - Slut Paddle

Specifically created to leave a clear imprint on an object of desire, the Manbound Slut Paddle features sexy faux-leather construction, an easily maneuvered shape and mirror-image wording in slick patent. 

This petite, manageable little tool has a nice springy, whippy feel that's easy to keep close courtesy of a sturdy wrist strap riveted through the handle. With a good hard smack, the cutout wording should show up on a playmate's skin, but the smooth opposite side can be used as well. This slick little paddle packs some fairly serious sting if wielded a certain way, and it's great for gentle, teasing doings, too.

The Slut Paddle is approximately 12.5 inches(31.7cm)  long and 2.25 inches (5.7cm) at widest. Polyvinyl, nylon, RBS E-glass batten. Spot clean.