Triple Trouble - 24" Delrin Cane

Triple Trouble! - this cane is made from three 1/8 inch thick strands of very flexible Delrin, 24 inches long. Three canes in one! Very whippy and very stingy.

These canes are very flexible and build up a lot of energy. They are much denser than natural Rattan canes. These two elements together add up to a cane that cannot be forgotten.

- 24 inches long
- 3 X 1/3 inch thick, 
- Classic "Black and Blue" handle 
- High flexibility 
- Rounded tip to limit unintended cuts.
- Virtually Indestuctable. 
- You don't have to "look after" this cane - it is ready to go when you are!
- Both the handle and shaft of this cane are very easy to clean.