Turbo Stroker Wand Attachment

For super-strong stimulation add this stroker to your massager!

Designed to fit any large wand massager.

  • Intense vibrations will make you explode harder than ever!
  • Stroker’s base slips easily and securely over massage wand
  • Textured interior stimulates your sensitive tip and every inch of your shaft
  • Experience 2 completely different sensations
  • Open-ended design allows for easy cleaning and extra durability
  • Fits any large electrically powered wand massager, including The Original Magic Wand.
  • Measures 1.75 inches wide, 3.75 inches long
  • Made from flexible and super-stretchy TPR, a jelly-like material
  • Wand massager sold separately

The Turbo Stroker Attachment has a 2.5 inch wide cup that fits easily around the tip of any large massage wand. Lube up your penis and slide it inside before you turn it on. (The vibrator is so strong that it’s nearly impossible to slip inside the stroker once it’s on.) You’ll be amazed at the super-strong vibrations focusing directly on your shaft. As the wand vibrates, you’ll feel the stroker shaking hundreds —— if not thousands of times —— per minute as it “milks” you to a mind-blowing orgasm!

The inside of the stroker attachment is lined with special pleasure features – including pleasure nubs and ribs. Dozens of pleasure nubs completely surround one end of the stroker and gently massage your sensitive tip and every inch of your shaft as you thrust away. The other end of the stroker is lined with ribs that glide over your shaft to make it feel like that first time all over again.

The stroker attachment is open at both ends for several reasons. First, this makes it much easier to clean and dry out. Secondly, the open-ended design allows the stroker to accommodate larger gentlemen. And lastly, the open end increases durability by making it harder to damage or tear the stroker during use.

The stroker measures 1.75 inches wide and 3.75 inches long. Made from TPR, the stroker is soft and flexible for your comfort and stretchy enough to handle even the largest guy.

The male stroker is compatible with any water-based lubricant. After use, wash the stroker thoroughly in warm, soapy water and flush it clean. Let the sex toy dry before storing it in a secure and discreet location.


NOTE: The Adam & Eve Turbo Stroker Attachment is designed to work with standard-sized wand massagers. It will not fit regular vibrators or smaller wands.