Viktoria Torments - Buffalo Mop Flogger, 5/8"

These floggers are crafted from high quality Buffalo hides sourced from a local First Nation supplier.

The sensation of Buffalo hide is thuddy, yet with an after-feel of sting at impact.  You can start slow and soft - used this way, this flogger is great for a warm-up. Then with an increase in force, you can send your partner into a cathartic mindset. The perception of sting increases as the force mounts. If you wish to have only one flogger (to start!), and you wish to explore and increase your limit in terms of pain sensations, then this is the one for you! It is completed with a leather wrist loop and a turkish knot.

- Aprroximately 5 oz in weight

- 32 falls, 18" long, 5'8" wide